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Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesterday we emptied out the house we first moved into in San Francisco.  We like to refer it CREST MOUNT of CRAP.  307 Crestmont Drive.  I love the neighborhood. Unfortunately our landlord was a crazy monster and made our lives pretty miserable. Her lack of upkeep on the home, crazy cryptic e-mails, multiple personalities.... Leaky windows, rotting doors, leaky ceiling. You get the picture.
So we moved into an Extended Stay Residence Inn.

Unfortunately our loan for our new house didn't come through in time. So when we were moving out I felt sad and empty. I want a nice home for my little ones. I am praying that it all works out.  Somehow I know it will.  The most important part is that my little family of 4 is happy to be together. Even "homeless", this is an adventure. We are looking forward to growing our roots in our new home with a little yard for the kids and the dogs...

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